Curved and Spiral Stairs

A curved or spiral staircase creates the ultimate first impression when being welcomed into a home. Straight and curved lines in three planes merge in geometrical harmony. We combine the traditional craft of curved stair building with modern design, laminating and veneering techniques. This brings new style to the art of stairbuilding with flowing lines, elegance, depth and superb finish.

Curved Stairs

A beautiful, well made staircase is a great asset to a home, adding comfort, safety and value. A curved staircase will add something extra special, transforming the interior of a house into a remarkable space.

Geometrical staircase ing white oak with continuous handrail 1

Spiral Stairs

Often used when access to a mezzanine, balcony, or attic space is required, a spiral staircase brings convenience and functionality.  A timber spiral staircase from the Woodworks is a beautiful feature piece that combines elegance with accessibility. We can also clad the treads and handrails of metal stairs with timber to give a warmer feel.

Spiral Stairs in Ash

The staircase is often a key feature in a home and is just as important as the kitchen or other features for creating a certain style or ambience. At The Woodworks we design and produce striking staircases – straight, spiral, curved, and circular  – that meet the challenges of modern architecture and are a pleasure to use.

We can pre-finish our stairs prior to fitting to ensure optimum quality using environmentally friendly finishes. We also specialize in continuous handrail which can be fitted to metal or wrought iron balustrades.

See examples of straight stairs.